Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Bystander

I tried a pirouette
And fell flat on my face
Screaming as I went down
Groaning as I wriggled back to life
Laughing at my self created misery
While he stood
And reacted
To my moods

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It is us, all of us
We do this all the time
Trying to be the best
Amongst the rest
Wanting difference in oneself
To not be the run of the mill
Who stick to the walls
On the sides of the mills
That picks them up
And grinds them into
A thick paste so smooth
You would never know
Its was made up of
These squirming little rats
That turned their noses up
At the cheeses they got
And ran behind
Those stuck on the mills
At a distance away
Which was the same kind
The cheese
Only put a little higher
From hanging there too long

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Useless Violence

Hired a few goons to do the job
A kick here, a jaw hook
Some stomach muscles torn
Bones broken in the back
Bent nose, black eyes
Teeth all over the floor
But my stupid mind doesn’t let go

I think it needs to be shot dead.

Monday, October 31, 2005

The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

This is how I see it
Correct me if I am wrong
You just plunged into yourself
With breakneck speed
As soon as you met me

While with me
You had four women
Two, you tasted
One you forced
The last didn’t work

You ought to know
You used me
To generate interest
In you

You would talk to those women
About me
And tell them
That we did together

You used me
As a prop
To your sex party
Now that you don’t have me
You don’t have the women either
Except one
Who I don’t think too much of
Never did
She reminds me
Of Daddy’s Girl
In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Who needs
A squirrel treatment

You made a pass
At my friend when we met her
You didn’t bother to tell me you did
I apologised for your behaviour

You didn’t tell me
About the woman
Who you forcefully slept with
While I was away
You still haven’t told me

And the only reason
You say you want to still know me
Is that I will get you
All the women?

I know
That you happened
In my life
Because I had been with
The best men ever
Lucky as hell

I know
You happened
So that I could be with
The best man ever
After you

That is all that you are to me now
A stage in my life
That I regret
But choose not to

You are
The biggest mistake of my life
I don’t know you anymore

Saturday, October 29, 2005


As we sit and ponder
About what we do next
We sigh, and share
Another cigarette

We tell each other
Of what we did
Bosses, colleagues
The whole damn shit

Inane as usual
We look around
Another man passes by
And gives that look

Thank you, we know
What wastes we are
No hurry here
We reached so far

Pray throw that gaze
See those queues around?
Buses, counters, dairies
We sure did lose count

At least we don’t
Add to the factory’s
Cheap goods line
Stuck in a school dormitory

Young and wasted
Drunk and blessed
Smoking a cigarette
What to do next?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Once in a lifetime

How does it feel
To be called
The most beautiful woman on earth
By someone who makes love to you
Till your senses reel?

Does it seem like a lie
Because there are so many others
Who look stunning
On silver screens?
Or because he could have
Gotten into the habit
Of looking at you
Being with you everyday?

For that split one second
When he looked at you
Kissed you softly
On your lips
Sat you on his lap
And said, ‘Beautiful’
You were
The luckiest girl in the whole world

That probably makes it
Much better
Than being
The most beautiful woman in the whole world

Finding someone
Who loves you so much
Once in an entire lifetime

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Sexes And the Sea

Tom, Dick and Harry
Went to the Sea
Once in a year

Rita, Katrina, Whelma
Came out to the Beach
Once in fifty years

Jane, Cunt and Mary
Greg, Johnny and Fred
Stayed back at home

Waiting for their time to come