Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Once in a lifetime

How does it feel
To be called
The most beautiful woman on earth
By someone who makes love to you
Till your senses reel?

Does it seem like a lie
Because there are so many others
Who look stunning
On silver screens?
Or because he could have
Gotten into the habit
Of looking at you
Being with you everyday?

For that split one second
When he looked at you
Kissed you softly
On your lips
Sat you on his lap
And said, ‘Beautiful’
You were
The luckiest girl in the whole world

That probably makes it
Much better
Than being
The most beautiful woman in the whole world

Finding someone
Who loves you so much
Once in an entire lifetime


Blogger In verse said...

cannot say the poem worked for me. where is your mood of non chalance.

12:01 PM  

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